I am a biologist (BSc., Hons., MPhil) turned artist, and use my knowledge and experience in plant and animal husbandry at the ANU, CSIRO Plant Industry, and outside art studies to create and maintain beautiful aquariums & vivaria for insects and reptiles etc; and services I can offer to families and children; and for markets I also create a wide variety of natural art giftware.

Giftware created for markets include terrariums, unusual aquatic terrariums, dried ikebana (Japanese flower arrangements), wabi-kusa (emerged plant, shallow water dish gardens), bonsai, suiseki (i.e. Asian thought stones or miniature stone landscapes), as well as other art created from dried plant and stone materials including gemstones and fossils. This art has been on show recently at the Smiths Gallery in Civic as part of National Science Week. Dried art includes floral, foliage and/or stone bouquet terrariums and mini-terrarium jewellery, and pressed, framed flower and foliage arrangements – these are popular for those with ‘brown thumbs’. All arrangements and art are often created in antique or recycled/up-cycled glassware, stoneware, unusual ceramics and other containers, or wood frames. Plant arrangements, terrariums, suiseki etc are often themed, eg modern/minimal, fantasy/pop culture, story-telling, forest, desert, aquatic, abstract etc, which proves very popular. All work is dressed with ribbons/raffia/string and hand-written gift tags of customer’s choice, as well as contact info to support people growing any live plants at home long term.

These items all come in a very wide array of sizes, from miniature and wearable necklace terrariums to large table centerpieces. All gift ware items are great for markets, though I also take orders for other work in aquarium and viviaria from patrons who encounter the stall.

I have attended other markets in 2015 and 2016, including the Old Bus Depot Markets, City Walk Markets, Suitcase Rummages in New Acton, Eco Elves Night Markets, and the Honkytonks Night Markets in the City. I have also run a stall at the Canberra Christmas Markets last year before moving to this website.


DATE OF NEXT Canberra Kids Market: 16 June 9am - 12pm

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