that old dog clothing specialises in pre-loved (we say curated) mens’ clothing with a focus on the fabulous and cool eighties, nineties and nauties. Canberra’s young men are discovering the unique aesthetic of the era that brought us everything from Twin Peaks to Ali G. We search the Canberra region and the Southern Highlands for the highest quality pre-loved clothes. We make best endeavours to ensure their authenticity and we prepare them for sale meticulously.

Our goal is to provide the opportunity to purchase hard to find, sought after items that would otherwise be time consuming to source. In a world of disposable fast fashion, that old dog provides stylish and sustainable clothing options for Canberra’s young men. At a fraction of the cost of new items, our pieces have demonstrated their ability to endure. They are well made, well designed and well liked. At that old dog, nothing goes to waste.

Our look is inspired by older fashion concepts of the Dylan era – rolled up pant legs, logo tees, corduroy and denim – through to the Ralph Lauren/Hilfiger/Nautica sportswear look incorporating chinos, button up shirts, polos, jackets, belts and bags.

The following brands usually conform to our criteria regarding our look: Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, Nautica, Patagonia, North Face, Dickies, Carhartt, Burberry, Puma and Champion.

The brands that feature in our look are renown for the quality of the product. Fabric, stitching, seam work, design and finish are of very good quality. As a result, these items endure over time, maintaining their look, shape, colour and appeal over many years. Where we purchase non-branded items, we look closely at garment construction to ensure that the garment has been finished to a high standard and will withstand wear and tear for many years to come.

Taking into account our focus on quality and look, it is unsurprising that most of our stock is made from natural fibres and we will avoid items that are made from synthetic fibres. All our shirts, pants, tees and polos are made from natural fibres, primarily 100% cotton. Outdoor wear, such as shell or sports jackets, may comprise synthetic fibres for performance. However, as jackets are rarely washed, the possibility of micro fibre pollution is lessened for such items.

Our items are all pre-owned. Some may have never been worn by their previous owners, some have been worn many times over. Some may require mending and some may have stains or tears. Whatever the provenance of the item, we are keen to extend the life of clothes that have lost their appeal for their previous owners but we consider may have a new life with a new owner. Accordingly, we choose items that we believe can and should be worn again for many years to come.

Cost per wear
We purchase items that present a reasonable cost per wear for our customers. In our age of disposable and throw away shopping mall fashion, our durable and attractive clothes will be worn regularly by our discerning customers. By choosing quality items which are often available at a low cost, our customers can take the opportunity to purchase a durable, stylish, well designed piece which will provide them with many wears over many years. Thus, all our pieces must present great value for money for our clients.

We spend many, many, many hours each week scoping garage sales and op shops and talking to friends and relatives to get the products that we consider are relevant and worthy to sell. We are constantly updating our stock. Our current range is available on our website where additional information is provided, including close ups. Our website is

That old dog fills a gap in the market – quality second hand men’s clothing. We have a website, a Facebook page and an Instagram account. We have an endearing and enduring logo as well as packaging and labelling. If we secure a stall in the markets, all our products will be displayed to a high standard on wooden hangers and quality clothes racks. Bespoke signage would signal to market goers that that old dog presents an interesting and quality addition to the markets.


DATE OF NEXT Canberra Fashion Market: 11 August 10am - 3pm

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