Mind Socks is a Mental Health Initiative founded by creative, entrepreneurial duo Mila Dhurbarry and Carissa Belham. We combine fashion with substance to bring mindfulness, positivity, empowerment and change. Mind Socks offers a range of unique, vibrant and quirky socks with an aim to support mental health initiatives. For every pair of socks sold, a percentage is donated to the community to support others experiencing Mental Health issues. Currently 10% of all proceeds fund a service called “Get Growing” to educate and support adolescents at risk of Mental Health Issues.

After both living in Canberra we would love to reach out to the canberra community as our socks are Australia designed. We believe our socks would bring joy and happiness to anyone that wears them. They would also be a staple item of clothing for the Canberra weather conditions. Our socks are stylish and fun. 🙂


DATE OF NEXT Canberra Kids Market: 16 June 9am - 12pm

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