Canberra Kids Market

We are looking for a new venue for the Kids Market that will allow us to have regular stalls and a large items area. If you have suggestions for a suitable venue, please contact us from the website. See below for details on how to become a stallholder. Stalls sell everything needed for Kids of all ages. Only quality gently used or new goods are accepted. To be a stall holder you need to register and be approved.

1. Click Kids Market at the top of the homepage
2. Click Apply to Sell from the drop-down menu
3. Fill in the Application Form and click submit
4. When approved we will send you a username and password to book a stall
5. Click the Market you would like to attend at the top of the homepage
6. Click Book a Stall from the drop-down menu
7. Login using your username and password
8. Select a stall from the map
9. Fill in the booking form and submit
10. You will receive a receipt and booking confirmation for your stall
11. Market location, parking, setup and pack up details will be sent to you.